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Topic: Bread and Butter Sound FX Library

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    Bread and Butter Sound FX Library

    I'm looking to do some sound design work for TV and Film. I currently have no FX libraries. Can you recommend me one or to to cover the basics. I have a budget of about €400 for this.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Bread and Butter Sound FX Library

    I don't know about a physical library, but are you familiar with SoundSnap.com? It's a really good place, you can buy subscription, kinda like an online sound-library. I understand you need a library on your harddrive too as a sound designer, but I thought I'd mention this one too, has been a great help for me!
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    Re: Bread and Butter Sound FX Library

    With only €400, it would be unwise to spend for the existing library.
    Just buy one general cheap sound library (like you can buy 2000-4000 sound with less than 50 euro or something), and start building your own. Go out with microphone and mobile recording gear, or bring a tons of junks into studio and make noise.

    Anyway, if you are buying more existing libraries, buy sounds that are really difficult to record, such as animal sounds.
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    Re: Bread and Butter Sound FX Library

    Thanks, I'm new to sound design for TV and Film. Are there any 'must have' general libraries out there?

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    Re: Bread and Butter Sound FX Library

    I think it's considerably more than 400 Euros, but "The General" by Sound Ideas has always been a standard general purpose sound effects library. They might still sell the 1000 series and 2000 series libraries which are also general purpose libraries, although not quite as comprehensive.

    Alternatively, I'd consider Karvasika's idea. In this day of fast internet, a "pay as you need" option is pretty attractive if you can't fork over the big bucks for a big library.

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    Re: Bread and Butter Sound FX Library

    Sound Ideas is great, but some of the sounds are 20+ years old.
    For sounds like phones and stuff this could be a problem.

    Here is a fresh, new Sound-FX library from BestService that fits your budget:

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    Re: Bread and Butter Sound FX Library

    There's also the Digital Juice Sound FX Library. It has very usable sounds and a fair price but it needs a lot of disk space and probably converting as it's 24/96. You might be able to afford two volumes at the moment which means over 20000 sounds and 110 gigs of SFX. I have all four volumes but I don't know which sounds come from which volume so I can't suggest which two volumes to get. The first two I guess and more later if needed.

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    Re: Bread and Butter Sound FX Library

    Thanks for the replies both the Studiobox and Digital Juice look good!

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    Re: Bread and Butter Sound FX Library

    Sonic Reality has a product called Serafine FX Tron


    I believe they are currently having a group buy on an SE (strippped down) version.
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    Re: Bread and Butter Sound FX Library

    You could also check out Partners in Rhyme and, for purchases of individual effects, have a look at http://www.sound-effect.com/
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