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Topic: Hanging Notes in GPO4

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    Hanging Notes in GPO4

    I'm using GPO4 in Logic 8 (OX 10.6.3). I've created a 5 piece string ensemble. Each player is on a different midi channel. Every time I play the piece one or more of the instruments plays and sustains all notes creating a most unfortunate cocophany. It is exponentially worse when multiple parts pull this trick (usually two or three do). The only way to kill the noise is to reload the instrument in the Aria Player. If I solo a player, on the other hand, there is no problem. I could, then, solo each and bounce the instrument to an audio file, but I need to hear the whole thing in midi before committing to a bounce.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Hanging Notes in GPO4

    Hi Joe

    I don't use Logic or GPO4 but I've had similar problems when learning to use sustain on parts.

    Although you have the parts assigned to different MIDI channels, it sounds to me as though you might have the sustain on /off commands transmitting to all channels (OMNI), so that they affect the other players as well as the one you intend it to.

    I would guess that the midi event list editor in Logic will tell you if every MIDI event is assigned to the same channel as the parent track.

    You might also be able to monitor the midi events that each instrument receives.

    Otherwise, if you are only using the strings to play one note each at a time, it's worth setting the maximum number of "voices" (i.e. notes) for each insrument to just 1, which might at least prevent some of the conflicts happening, even if you can't find the root cause.


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    Re: Hanging Notes in GPO4

    Thanks for your reply, Peter

    For the piece in question I am using GPO's "auto-legato" mode, so there is no sustain pedal being used, so I don't think that's the problem in this case.

    I looked into your idea of setting each instrument's maximum polyphony at 1 but in the Aria engine the minimum polyphony is 8. At least that's what I've been able to determine.

    I find that saving the song, quitting Logic and then restarting the program often clears things up. Still, it is a pain and should be, one would think, unnecessary.

    iMac quad-core i7, 8G RAM, external firewire drives (1 for samples, 1 for audio files)

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