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Topic: v1.05 and The B

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    v1.05 and The B

    I can't help but think that the release of the much-awaited 1.05 is being delayed by work on the B Model product. And worse yet, that the 1.05 release will come AFTER the release of the B. And even worse YET, that this is being done in part as a marketing strategy to get people that have been waiting (for over a year) for an upgrade to their D's to dollar up.

    The mind tends to run away with itself when anxiously waiting for something... and we have an upgrade looming on the horizon from "the other" piano people as well.

    So which one comes first?? Hmm...

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    Re: v1.05 and The B

    Just by common sense and reality, the 1.05 update release is impacted by all new development work I do on the Steinway pianos - and impact occurs the other way around too. There's no desire at all to make customers frustrated by delaying an update, and certainly not purposefully so. I very much want to release 1.05 as soon as possible, and I definitely both plan and expect for the 1.05 release to come *before* the B.

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