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Topic: ARIA Sustain Resonance Crash

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    ARIA Sustain Resonance Crash

    Downloaded Steinway Basic yesterday and notice that selecting "sustain resonance" button to ON causes an immediate crash of ARIA (which must be latest). Other ARIA options work fine.

    I don't see this reported in the forums but apparently this was once a problem with MACs?

    I have Windows XP 32bit / Audigy ASIO at 48kHz. PC does fit minimum requrirements - but not much more.

    Have had GPO4 for awhile now with absolutely no ARIA problems to date.

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    Re: ARIA Sustain Resonance Crash

    Could you send to me a private message with your email? I'll follow up and ask for some aria logs and other info. I haven't seen this before (which is surprising), so I'd like to find what's happening and fix any bug in the sustain resonance it exists.

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