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Topic: Which strings for this ?

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    Which strings for this ?

    I'm finishing a project that needs a dry string section with similar sound to the part at about 3:23 in this youtube clip. Also the hits at 3:43. I'm not really getting that with my vsl chamber II etc although it seems like a chamber set is what I should be focusing on. I'm getting ready to buy a new library anyway so any suggestsions for this style short of real players ?


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    Wink Re: Which strings for this ?

    You can't go wrong with LASS! IMHO nothing can touch it for versatility and realism.

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    Re: Which strings for this ?

    Isn't VSL Chamber II muted strings? That would be the wrong wound for the clip you posted.


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    Re: Which strings for this ?

    Yeah, my vsl are the ones with mutes. I don't have the depth of libraries like some here. Just things I've had forever like Denny Jaeger violins, Kirk Hunter Solo strings, and random other stuff from the dark ages. Still deciding between Lass and newer Kirk Hunter but in the meantime, this project is getting towards a deadline.

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    Re: Which strings for this ?

    You're never going to get the sound you want with the muted VSL Chamber Strings. have you listened to the original Chamber Strings? They could be just what you need for that dry studio sound.


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