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Topic: Upcoming Orchestra Peformance

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    Upcoming Orchestra Peformance

    Hello everyone! Just a bit of shameless self promotion, which actually has to do with the absence of samples, so I'm not sure if this is proper place to post this. I answered a call for scores about a month ago and my piece was selected for performance!

    The group is called The Orchestra Unleashed and the concert will be a multimedia event featuring original works of art, poetry and music from modern composers. I attended their last concert and it was a lot of fun. The performance will be September 11 at 8PM and the 12th at 2PM at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood.

    I've spent so much time working with samples, I can't tell you how excited I am to have real musicians breathing life into what I've written.

    You can listen to an excerpt of my piece here (made with Vienna SE, LASS et al). And you can learn more about the orchestra at their website. If you are able to attend, I'll be at both performances, so please introduce yourself.

    Hope to see you there!
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    Re: Upcoming Orchestra Peformance

    Congrats Joe! Enjoyed the short demo of this. It will sound great in real performance. The version with samples is well rendered and deserving of a real outing!

    Best wishes,



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    Re: Upcoming Orchestra Peformance

    Very excited for you! Let us know how that performance goes!


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    Re: Upcoming Orchestra Peformance

    Thank you for your comments, gentlemen. I'm so excited about this! I can't wait to hear how the orchestra sounds!
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