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Topic: Theme and Variations... kind of

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    Theme and Variations... kind of

    I haven't posted anything here for a while, so I figure I may as well.

    Here's something that was a composition project last semester. I really had no clue what I was doing when I wrote this... more or less just going with what felt right and sounded right.

    Sorry that the beginning cuts in like that. I think there must have been a glitch in the first measure or so when saving.


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    Re: Theme and Variations... kind of

    Very nicely scored. The instruments really complement each other well. The theme is a bit simple; the first variation is very sweet and pleasing; the 3rd is most interesting to me; the ending seems to have received least attention. I liked it. If you wrote this without a clue, you've got a decent sense of what sound right!

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