A couple months ago I installed Finale 2011 and could not get full GPO4 to work. Several people said I should have file gpofull4instrument.txt and sent me copies of it. However, a reinstallation of GPO4 installed the file so I deleted the emails with the files. That was under WinXP on a pc with a single hard drive.

A couple weeks ago I moved to a bigger pc with Win7 x64 and multiple hard drives. I just noticed that gpofull4instrument.txt is missing again, and this time a reinstallation of GPO4 did not install gpofull4instrument.txt. (I did not try an complete uninstall followed by a reinstall - just a reinstallation.)

Is this a problem with GPO4's installation procedures for Win7? (Finale went into my "Program Files (x86)"; GPO4 went into "Program Files". Maybe it doesn't see I've got Finale.) Or maybe a multiple hard drive installation problem? (The program files are on my D drive. The \Users\Patrick\AppData\Roaming\MakeMusic" files are on my C drive.)

Has anyone else had a problem with a missing gpofull4instrument.txt? Is there any way to get the GPO4 installation procedure to copy thet file somewhere (anywhere!) even if it can't find Finale?