I am planning to purchase a powercore X8 Sonnox Edition but I would like to secure first that the Sonnox VST plugs will work fine with gigastudio 4.

My set-up is the following:
- 2 computers from Visiondaw audio PCs.
One running on XP64 which I use only with gigastudio 4 to be used with the powercore.
The second unit is running samplitude 11 pro sequencer on XP pro 32.
Both PC are connected to each other with RME HDSP 9652 sounds cards.

I would like to use powercore X8 Sonnox Edition directly on the computer running Gigastudio ver.4 that can host VST instruments and effects on Windows XP64 to immediately apply the Powr core plugs, Sonnox EQ & effects on the tracks played back by gigastudio 4.

That would enable me to get immediately the full and already polished audio signal into my sequencer running on the second DAW without having to convert each individual midi tracks into an audio tracks first. This would give me the flexibility to work mainly on midi tracks and to get the immediate audio signal with sonnox effects and EQs already applied.

I know that gigastudio is a discontinued product but still included in a lot of users’ set-up.

Does anyone having any info that could help?