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Topic: System showing blue screen error

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    System showing blue screen error

    hi friends ! i am facing a problem in my pc, whenever i start my pc after working half an hour it get restart and showing blue screen error with some code, can anybody tell me what is the exact problem, i had ask to a engineer and he said that you hdd is damage, how can it possible, its still working. plz help.

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    Re: System showing blue screen error

    It might be a faulty RAM chip, it was on mine, just kept stopping and switching off. There was a bit of software that you could run to check this. Tony Monaghan put me on to this. Try him.
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    Re: System showing blue screen error

    What hardware are you running? What version is your OS? What software are you running when it blue screens.

    What info is on the blue screen? If it reboots immediately when you get the bluescreen, then right click on My computer and select Properties. Select Advanced and then click on the Settings button in the Startup and Recovery section. Uncheck the Automatically restart in the System Failure section. Click OK a couple times to back out of the screen.

    Windows will also right info to the log files when it blue screens. Log files can be accessed by right clicking on My Computer and then select manage. Click on Event Viewer on then select the System logs - this will be a little different on Windows 7 or Vista. Look for errors in the Type column.


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