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Topic: Didn't turn out how I expected!

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    Didn't turn out how I expected!

    Well I started working on this piece last night. Its meant for a very sombre and delicate dance, but I over produced it and it's become one of those James Bond sequences where he's devastated from something going wrong and is all pensive. The string melody took it there. I'll be re-starting the writing process again to try and get the vibe I'm after for the dance. But I thought I'd post this little snippet...

    It's only 30 seconds long, so sorry for the brevity!

    P.S. It's actually the first time I've used pizzicato and got the inspiration to use the bass pizzicato from Dan Kury's Young Frankenstein piece.

    Dwane Hollands

    "Always Experimenting!"

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    Senior Member Frank D's Avatar
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    Re: Didn't turn out how I expected!

    Hi Dwane,

    This was very nice; I'll be curious how you re-work it towards the dance you hear. As is, it's still a very dramatic and emotional cue.



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    Re: Didn't turn out how I expected!

    Hi Frank!

    Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. There's a lot of content in the listening room (isn't it amazing how much composing is happening!) so I consider it a privilege to be commented on.

    In regards to reworking it. I'm thinking of a more delicate beginning. Perhaps even just a piano to begin with. Ideally it would have 4-5 different movements.

    Reflective and warm
    Dramatic and tragic
    Slowly Progressively Repairing
    Loud and Rejoicing

    I know it's not the most articulate way of describing, but it's still very conceptional at the moment.

    Hopefully I can convert conceptional into exceptional! Ha ha!

    Dwane Hollands

    "Always Experimenting!"

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    Re: Didn't turn out how I expected!


    I like this a lot. I say run with it.

    Some times the best music is not what you wrote but the way you played it.
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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    Re: Didn't turn out how I expected!

    Hey Hippie,

    Thanks for the comments and for listening!

    I'm glad you like it. I think either way the feel of it will be used in one of the movements. Perhaps just a little more refined and a slightly different melody.

    Thanks again for listening!

    Dwane Hollands

    "Always Experimenting!"

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    Senior Member sd cisco's Avatar
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    Re: Didn't turn out how I expected!

    Yeah, but it turned out great!

    Hi Dwayne;
    This is very nice and please make time to continue on. You have a melodic gift and a lyrical bent and you know what that means, "go for it!".

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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