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Topic: MIDIbits for Kontakt

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    MIDIbits for Kontakt

    I'd posted this on another forum, but not given any information on it here so far. It's basically a sequencer multiscript built inside Kontakt that lets you easily author and play prefab sequences and patterns by holding a single key (or chords). The sequences are all tempo synced and chord-aware and the script can be used as a Multi, or embedded into single instruments.

    Some demo videos of it being used with Symphobia/True Strike. All demos were recorded live and consist of MIDIbits and a lead melody. They're a bit rough as they're literally 2 minutes of work:

    Here's a video demonstrating how easy it is to take something like the awesome HollywoodWinds library and create and play back loops and sequences in any key/scale.

    I'd imagine this would be pretty handy for people who play live (it's not limited to orchestra - it can play a drum sequences, melody lines, control CC's, etc.). I can also imagine it's good for sketching ideas and quickly mocking up pieces once you've built up a library of sounds and sequences with it. Also, it means your prefab/reusable parts aren't locked into a sequencer's project file and you can quickly load them into anything.

    Right now it's close to some kind of release - I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing with it yet. I'll probably be looking to have a few people test it in the near future and provide some feedback. It works as both a Multiscript and a single instrument Script, so (shameless plug) feel free to contact me if you're a library developer and think it might work well in your library - we can arrange something.

    Any ideas or thoughts on what could be added to it are welcome!
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    Re: MIDIbits for Kontakt

    Really fantastic work! Scripts like these definitely make us here at the Lab look forward to the day when the majority of users are running Kontakt 4. Great looking GUI, very clever and deep programming skill, and it looks pretty responsive. It would be helpful, particularly on the last video, if there was some narration or subtitles describing what exactly is happening. It's fairly clear, but when you were switching between major and minor I could feel my grasp on what was going on begin to slip.

    Thinking in terms of useful applications, yes live work seems sensible. In a studio setting it's a little like DP's clippings, which are very handy if used well.

    What is the story with automation? Are CC values also stored or is that controlled in the sequencer?

    Great work, looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

    Zem Brooker

    Principal Researcher, Audio Genetics Lab

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