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Topic: Q about Chaos Capture in RMX

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    Q about Chaos Capture in RMX

    Hi all,

    just want to be clear about this.

    If I am playing on the Chaos Designer page, I am aware that a MIDI file cannot capture the pitch and reverse variations, so if i want to capture a specific lucky combination of those, I should be recording to a separate audio track as i go, correct?

    if i only use the sliders to do with timing, that is to say "Pattern" "Repeat" "Timing", am i right in thinking that if I create a MIDI file using capture, this will have preserved all the variations that i have just heard for up to 16 loops, as that so? But, would I not have to then play this sequence on the patch with chaos turned off, because if i played it on the patch with chaos still turned on, i would be getting "double chaos" i.e. the chaos recorded o the capture plus new chaos still being created by the patch.Is that it?

    Hope this makes sense


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    Re: Q about Chaos Capture in RMX

    Hi Malcolm,

    Yes...capturing it as audio is a good option. Or you can midi-learn the slider...and add the pitch change yourself.

    (Capturing ) Chaos works only in slice menu mode. When Chaos is captured and played back, the slices are triggered the way they were captured.

    What you discribe only happens when you push the play button of the part (while your DAW is running).

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    Re: Q about Chaos Capture in RMX

    Quote Originally Posted by mpmusicny View Post
    I should be recording to a separate audio track as i go, correct?
    Maybe slightly off topic, but yesterday I was working with the Time Designer in a a same way.

    I choose a groove template which I set to global mode. Then, just straight out of the RMX (groove elements with no midi files involved) I recorded kick, snare and hats to three separate audio tracks while moving the the slider between loose< --->tight in order to introduce rhythmic offsets. In short time I was able to create some cool stuff.

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