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Topic: Spectrasonic VSTi, K4 etc. performance on i7/X58

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    Spectrasonic VSTi, K4 etc. performance on i7/X58

    Hi all,

    I am planning to upgrade my DAW to and X58 based system with either the 930 or the 980X, 12Gb RAM, W7 64 bit and a full 64 bit Cubase installation using Omnisphere, RMX, Trillian, Superior Drummer, Kontakt 4 and use jBridge for Altiverb and Waves SSL. It feels like the 64 bit environment for the work I do is mature enough for me to take the leap. My work situation is heavily VSTi based and I am trying to get a grip on what kind of performance I could expect. Today, with my Core2 rig, 32 bit XP, I feel very restricted both CPU wise as well as RAM wise. Today, I am using a second computer (P4) just to get some more room for samples. My question to you guys is if I can expect a work sitatuion where I can run an omni instance with 3-4 instruments, Toontrack kit, Piano from K4 and possibly also some RMX instruments running at 44.1 kHz, 128 sample latency on an RME FF800? RAM wise, I don't see a problem (just a question of money) but CPU performance wise I would need some advice. Omni is a really demanding VST and I can imagine that future VSTis will not be less complex, rather more complex. As far as I can see, the 980X is really ahead of the performance curve, do I need to go there to be really free in my workflow? I'd like a rig which can live for 3-4 years running the best VSTis. Perhaps a difficult question to answer but I'd really like some expertise feedback on this.

    What do you think?


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    Re: Spectrasonic VSTi, K4 etc. performance on i7/X58

    I was running Omni on P4 2.4ghz machine and could only get a few instruments running at best.
    Now I running Cubase 64 on a i7 Win7 with 12gb of ram and only use VI's. I'm also using Aliverb and Waves with Jbridge.
    The difference is enormous.
    I think I had 8 instruments on Omni plus one or two on Trilian , Superior, and several amp sims of Amplitube 3 (huge cpu hogs) and recording at 24bit and the cpu meter would not go beyond 50%. If the amp sims weren't there it would be substantially lower.
    You'll be opening yourself up to whole new world. It's worth it for Spectrasonics alone.
    Intel - Core i7 920 2.66GHz Quad Core 12Gig DDR3 1HD - 500GB for system 3HD - 1TB Seagate Sata II for audio and samples RME Multiface II Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Cubase 5 64 bit Omnisphere, Trilian, RMX, EWQLSO Gold with Close Mics, QL Choirs, Gypsy, SD1, SD2 Pro, QL Pianos Gold, QL RA, Fab Four, Ministry of Rock, Reaktor, Memphis Horns, Ethno World II, Garritan Strings

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    Re: Spectrasonic VSTi, K4 etc. performance on i7/X58

    Thanks slinky! That's exactly what I wanted to hear. I will definitely go in that direction. I'm just wondering if I should spend the money for the 980X, according to Scott at ADK the performance is outstanding, even compared to the 930.

    We'll see...

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