Hello again everyone!

This is just a quick posting to announce our latest release from the lab. This is a split-personality library, half made up of raw acoustic ethnic flute effects, and half made of textures, pads, and mutations derived from the flute samples. There are over 30 patches in all, formatted for Kontakt 3.5+, available for immediate download, does not require any fancy copy-protection rain dance, and costs only $15.00.

Rather than clutter up the forum with too much info, I'll just say I hope to hear from you all with any comments/feedback/suggestions, and here is a link to more info and to listen to the audio demos:


And for any who missed it the first time around, our FREE tongue drum library is still available on the site for download as well. Enjoy.

Thanks for checking it out, and happy music-making,

- Zem

Principle Researcher
Audio Genetics Lab