Asking here because, well, because you guys are generally seem to be more in tune with the kind of rig I would have than some other places I would post to. Sorry if it offends anyone...

My sound card is an RME 9652 which has ADAT outs.

For years I've used a Frontier Designs Tango 24 for the D/A portion (to get to the studio control mixer) but the Tango24 now seems to be flaking out. Which stinks because it's served me so well for so long!

So... I'm looking for a decent, but inexpensive replacement for the DA portion. I already have a decent A/D converter so I don't really need any analog ins and I don't really need all 8 analog outs.

Rather I just need a set (or two) of balanced outs to go to the studio monitors/headphones/control center fed from the ADAT output of the RME card.

Any thoughts?