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Topic: Candles on the Water

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    Candles on the Water

    New short string ensemble piece inspired by the closing credits sequence of the BBC documentary Hiroshima, "Candles on the Water," using GPO4 for all instruments. Available on SoundCloud and jms3music.com. Comments greatly appreciated!
    Using Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 with Finale PrintMusic 2010


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    Re: Candles on the Water

    Nice writing for the strings - lots of tenderness and contemplation. Amazing how WW2 still resonates 65-70 years later! I saw a film in the early 60's called Mien Kampf, or similar, all footage the the concentration camps, bodies, ovens, the works and then some. I was dragged to the movie theatre by a friend who's interest in the subject was questionable. I was 14 years old - left a lasting impression on me, you can't "un-see" or "un-hear" disturbing things. Unfortunately, war is hell and WW2 was no exception. At the time, dropping A-bombs on Japan was seen as a way to prevent the high casualties that would be encountered if the Allies attempted a landing assault on the main island.

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: Candles on the Water

    Hi Wfeather,

    I just relistened to SD Cisco's "Oil On The Water", and now your "Candles On The Water" ... two such serious pieces. Yo did a nice job with this and the somber inspiration for you piece comes through in your music. Thanks for sharing.



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