Michael Mitacek is offering EIS instruction in a group setting at Pasadena City College. The courses are offered on Saturday mornings this fall semester.

Music 124AB covers Books 1 and 2 (Basic EIS Theory) and is offered from 9-10 a.m.

Music 128 (Equal Interval Orchestration) covers books 9 and 10 and meets from 10 to 1:30.

The positive: at $74 per class (16 weeks of instruction) plus books and PCC registration, the value is incredible.

The negative: It's group instruction. The folks in the class range from barely sober to a handful of EIS graduates who are re-taking the material. You are not going to receive the individualized attention you'd get by studying with David Blumberg.

Also, you're not doing all the assignments in the texts. Indeed, at the pace that the course moves (about twice as fast as in a private context), it's nearly impossible to do all the assignments even if you tried. Therefore, you are arguably not going to receive the entire benefit of working through the material.

Note that the PCC website is currently screwed up and makes it appear that every level of EIS is being offered concurrently (NOT the case), that every class section is closed (also incorrect) and that Music 128 is not being offered (also incorrect!).

There are plans to offer nearly the entire EIS sequence online beginning with the Spring 2011 semester.

You can get more information at www.pasadena.edu and www.equalinterval.com. If you're interested in hearing the work of some of the graduates you can go here: http://tinyurl.com/34acvm8