For several years I have used Roland's Visual Music Tutor to run MIDI based "electronic flash cards" of rhythms on a classroom display. The "cards" display rhythms a measure or two at a time and run in real time (at about MM 100) with a click. These counting drills are a great way to start a rehearsal class.

I need to share these drills with several colleagues, but the Roland software is years out of date and no longer available and I don't know of any other software that works as well for this purpose. I have used Sibelius at times. It has some advantages but lacks a count in click. I can put one in at the beginning but that keep me from starting anyplace else in the file.

So I'm hoping some of you may have a suggestion. To be useful, the software needs to be able to:
  • Display and run MIDI based notation in real time
  • Have a count-in click that can be switched on or off
  • Be able to fill the screen on a large classroom display. Full screen display preferred.
  • Be able to reformat easily to display 1, 2, 3, or 4 measures at a time
  • Have an insertation point marker that can be switched on or off

It would also be nice if the file was editable during the classroom display but that's not critical.

I welcome any suggestions. Thanks