I notice that in Finale 2011, one can select "organ" from the instrument list in the HP preferences to create a new playback technique. This is necessary as for some reason, HP and GPO don't seem to agree on what controller the organ sample uses to regulate volume (it's cc#1... but don't tell Finale/HP/GPO4 that. they still think it's CC#11 or 7 or something).

Anyway, with Finale 2011 it's easy to simply create a new technique that tells HP to notice organ and GPO, and change them to use the correct controller for volume adjustments.

However, with Finale 2010, this is not possible, as "organ" is not one of the instruments in the drop-down list when creating a new technique.

Does anyone know if there is a file we can edit to ADD the organ to the HP techniques options in Finale 2010?