Hello everyone,

i'm beginner in classical / filmscore songwriting, i have project called EMBRESS, which i use to learn composing that type of music.

I have written and played music for many years, but it has been mainly pop/rock and heavier music. But i have always enjoyed listening classical music...

I published my "demo" called Soul of century on myspace, it contains five songs that are all written and played by me.

I use Garritan personal orchestra and Miroslav philharmonic softwares, i played through midi-keyboard. i used quantise on main rhythm track only (on songs that have one) and other tracks are untouched. I wanted to leave some "live" playing feel in it.

As i said i'm at the bottom on learning these things so they are not very professionally produced. Anyway i hope you get something out of these...


(btw, sorry about my bad english )