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Topic: gigasampler format question

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    gigasampler format question

    Hi, I\'m thinking about purchasing Gigasampler. I use a mac and a pc, and was wondering if Gigasampler sound files can be opened with my mac. I would like to use GigaSampler on my pc, but at the same time I want to see if I can use my mac only software to manipulagte GigaSampler files.
    Is this possible?


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    Re: gigasampler format question

    I think you would have to export the samples from giga,convert to aiff (do macs support .wav?) and then convert back to .wav & import back into giga..sounds like a lot of messing about to me

    or you could just ditch the mac and get yourself another real computer

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    Re: gigasampler format question

    Oh, poor, innocent Blob. If only we could make you understand...well, you just have a Happy time there in \"HappyLand\" and I\'ll be here pushing my Mac to impossible limits and when it finally crashes sometime later next year, I\'ll happily fix it myself and, 5 minutes later, be enjoying another year or 2 of MUSIC making, rather than computer configuring.

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    Re: gigasampler format question

    Knew i\'d get a responce

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    Re: gigasampler format question

    I could not agree more....Mac\'s are by FAR more stable and less of a headache!


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    Re: gigasampler format question

    All my friends with MACs have had to do ground up reinstalls two or three times in the last year...

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    Re: gigasampler format question

    Don\'t start this guys...

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