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Topic: Real Choir Library

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    Cool Real Choir Library

    Will there ever be a real choir library that sounds like real singers in the nashville studios? It could work the same way as LASS does. Layering. Using 8 voices (2 sopranos, 2 altos, 2 tenors & 2 basses). Using different voices for various layers for a total of 80 voices if desired. Just like we do in the studio by stacking voices making it sound like a real large choir with correct diction, legato, etc. with a word builder that sounds like real people instead of classical stuff that comes out sounding like "mash potatoes" when played back because you can't understand the words. Recorded dry so you can add the correct amount of effects as needed per project. This would be my dream library to complete all the other great instrumental libraries.

    This is something that is really missing. I've got Symphonic Choir, but it just does not sound good alone....at all, unless you are just doing ooos or aaahs. The word builder just doen't cut it.

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    Re: Real Choir Library

    The oldest question ... and no good answer. It seems to me that sample library makers are obsessed with either making the upteenth subtle variation on the same few instruments (guitar, piano, strings and a few others) or the most obscure stuff that I can't envision using more than once in a lifetime (raise your hand if you have a good Hawaiian nose flute library).

    A decent choir and vocal soloist library (one that doesn't assume that all singers are sopranos, tenors, little boys or Tibetan monks, and is recorded cleanly, and by that I mean somewhere more intimate than the bottom of the Grand Canyon) is the one thing that I have been requesting for YEARS. Others request it too, over and over. We're promised everything, but it never seams to materialize. I've stopped buying everything else. I'm saving my money for a decent choir. And I hope someone releases one soon, before I do something stupid like spend it on food or the rent.

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    Re: Real Choir Library

    Omnisphere has a lot of the Symphony of Voices material from years ago... And most of the samples are glossy, not well-defined-- there are a FEW samples that stand above the rest. I have been using it successfully on my last project. The "Dynamic Choir" has an extremely life-like feel, with subtle crescendos. I can REALLY hear individual singers in the mix. I layer that with the SOV standard choir, glossy in an unimaginably large church. The result is pretty satisfying... ALSO has a childrens choir singing somewhat off key, which I love! It's rougher than other children's choir stuff I've heard so far.

    Obviously not the coolest solution(s), but it works for now.


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    Re: Real Choir Library

    There are dry male and female studio singer stacks in Omnisphere. Vowels and mmms. I guess you are looking for something more choral?

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    Re: Real Choir Library

    I suppose the real reason no one has done this is because of the obvious reasons. The human voice is just so capable and we hear it everyday (we all have one ) It's hard to sample the nuances of such a unique and diverse instrument. On a lesser scale the saxaphone is a tough nut to crack. Much harder than a guitar or a set of drums. That is why we have so many of these types of libraries and less on the more intricate ones.

    I own EWSC and as far as I know no one else can give you the ability to write your own words and then play them in real time. It is a pain in the bum to work with but you can get good stuff out of it if you finesse (and finesse and finesse, repeat and rinse)

    Maybe physical modelling or something beyond basic samples needs to be employed to bring in the nuances... There has been quite a few new releases of choir libs but a lot seem to focus on "Lord of the Rings type" devil screaming "too-chay, ile chay" and stuff like that (I think this translates to "it's hot down here" but i may be wrong...
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    Re: Real Choir Library

    I would love a choir library that could be used with a vocoder. All this wordbuilding is a deadend, IMO, and the closest we are going to get is nonsense Latin syllables. A vocoder could help to overcome all of this.


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    Re: Real Choir Library

    I am eagerly waiting for Cinesamples Voxos. I own EW Play's Symphonic Choirs, but have been waiting a long time for a current choir library. The new Tonehammer and Vienna Choirs sound cool, but the demos haven't really impressed me like the teaser videos for Voxos. I will hold out until Cinesamples has it ready before making my final decision on a new choir lib.
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    Re: Real Choir Library

    I would suggest you to try Myriad Harmony Assistant with Virtual Singer which is capable to play solo and choir lyrics in different languages.
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    Re: Real Choir Library

    Do you have any examples where this product sounds good? The ones on the website are not really of any use.



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