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Topic: Safe to buy from Soundsonline.com?

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    Safe to buy from Soundsonline.com?

    I\'m planning to buy some sample libraries, but I live in Norway and I haven\'t found any for sale here. Is it safe to buy from soundsonline when I live in Norway? If they just take my money and don\'t send me anything, then there is nothing I can do, i guess. Anyone with experiences ordering from soundsonline from abroad?

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    Re: Safe to buy from Soundsonline.com?

    Just wondering about the same thing. I just ordered QLBrass from Soundsonline and received an email telling me that they can\'t process my order as my credit card is international. They wants me to fax my credit card statement for validation - personally, I\'m not too comfortable with this. I\'ve ordered through Northernsounds without any problems. But alas, QLBrass is available only from East West. So... is it safe? Otherwise, I\'ll never be able to get QLBrass!

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    Re: Safe to buy from Soundsonline.com?

    I just went through the same experience. I ordered some cd┤s, then I heard nothing from them for more than a week - I tried emailing them several times, but I don┤t think their email system really works/worked. Finally I called them up and found out they had sent me an email that they needed this VISA verification, but the email had never reached me... then they forwarded it to me, and I got it, faxed the verification and the order went through fine and arrived here after 6 days (would have been 2 if Danish Customs hadnt hung on to it for many days...).

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    Re: Safe to buy from Soundsonline.com?

    I have purchased numerous items from SoundOnLine with extraordinary results. I have always recieved 2 day FedEx service from them and their packaging/packing in exceptional.

    However I do live in the US and therefore have not had the unforunate experiences some have had regarding credit card verification.

    I highly recommed SOS for their QOS. The problems mentioned above while irritating are most likely just SOP for international sales. I would imagine once your credit card has been validated, you would not have any further difficulties.

    The problems with customs are unavoidable. This due to the large amount of piracy regarding international sales of software. Plus there are the issues of royalties of intellectual properties. I am surprised Danish cutoms only held it for four days. SOS was evidently quick in verifying your purchase as legitimate.

    Imagine it! Something working the way it is claims...what is the world coming to?


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    Re: Safe to buy from Soundsonline.com?


    I\'m in Norway, and I have ordered some cd\'s from soundsonline several times. I got them in a couple of days, the only thing is that you\'ll have to pay quite a bit extra for tax and customs.
    From Norway, the best solution I found is to buy from MIDIMUSIC they are in Norway and they are oficcial distributors for most sample cd developers...so you get your cd\'s in a week, and get the best price..


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    Re: Safe to buy from Soundsonline.com?

    Tusen takk, lex. Du er en kjŠrnekar.
    Har midimusic en hjemmeside eller en web-adresse du vet om? Hvor i landet ligger foretningen?


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    Re: Safe to buy from Soundsonline.com?

    Glad I could help, altough I understood your reply, I don\'t dare to use my bad norwegian yet...hehehe
    MIDIMUSIC don\'t have a web site, but if you give me your e-mail I can send you their phone number....

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    Re: Safe to buy from Soundsonline.com?

    I recently ordered several things from Soundsonline with quick response. My only complaint is that the new Prosamples library keeps being delayed. Now it\'s the end of July for a projected ship date.

    Some of you may have plently of funding to buy what you want, when you want. I am a little more restricted. The prosamples library seems like a good compromise.


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    Re: Safe to buy from Soundsonline.com?

    I already found it, lex. Thanks again.
    I have contacted them by e-mail.

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