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Topic: Making midi files from a mono audio source?

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    Making midi files from a mono audio source?

    I'm wondering if there is any Macintosh RTAS software (working in Pro Tools) that I can transform a audio signal (like my voice) into midi data, which I can then assign to a sound sample in an instrument track? I wrote to Melodyne to ask if Melodyne could do this and they replied:

    "I'm sorry to say but neither "Melodyne assistant" nor "Melodyne editor" offer audio-to-midi conversion options when using them as a plugin. They only can export the pitch and time information of an analyzed audio file to a Standard Midi file when operating them stand-alone. "Melodyne essential RTAS" does not have any audio-to-midi functionality at all."

    Other answers to my more general original post are below. I'm posting this again because the original post got off on another subject and I don't want that to cause me to miss out on the advise I need. Thanks! (and I mean no offense to the posters who got off subject) Answers were:

    Cubase 5.0 will do it with its Vari-audio feature and so will "Melodyne (I think its called but I've not tried it)"
    Yes, I too can suggest Melodyne. Both the Studio and Editor versions do that. Read more here: http://www.celemony.com/cms/index.ph...uct_comparison
    If you have Cubase and VariaAudio, you already have the manuals, but here's a link to a little video on that feature: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cF44ToYhaBg
    i'm pretty sure Logic does it. It won't be perfect at times, but it will work.
    If you have logic search for the sflogicninja on youtube.
    Here is his page sflogicninja

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    Re: Making midi files from a mono audio source?

    Hi Thisman

    I use WidiSoft (http://www.widisoft.com/) for audio to midi conversion when I can't quickly work out the notes myself ... which is most of the time ... it's worth looking at though it is not a plugin.

    Sibelius has a tool for this too ... look at their site for the details.

    I'm curious what you are trying to do, though!

    Your stipulation that you need software which does this specifically as a plugin implies that you need it to work in real time, e.g. in a live performance.

    You might get some plugin to work adequately well in real time if you can configure it to detect and output single notes only, but as the WidiSoft site explains, the process of detecting specific pitches within an audio source is exceedingly complex, so probably best done separately as a straight audio to midi conversion. You can then edit the generated midi file as necessary, before importing it into your DAW and assiging it to any instrument(s) you choose.

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    Re: Making midi files from a mono audio source?

    Here is an old thread i started about to use a recorder flute to control a sampler, it´s a little complex, but you could interesting:


    There is a plugin that you could like, that not only converts you singing to notes, it also sends pitch bend messages if you want. It have a windows version, and a Mac one for the end of the year:


    there was also another proggie for that called "the extractor" but the page appear not working anymore. It was here:


    If you want to read about it, even the home page is not working, you can do it here:


    Edit: here are other links from an old kvr thread, thought i never tryed them

    digital ear (standalone) www.digital-ear.com
    rephrase (standalone) http://www.leapfrogaudio.com/rephrase.aspx
    akoff (standalone) www.akoff.com
    solo explorer (standalone) www.recognisoft.com

    this is the old thread i mentioned
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Making midi files from a mono audio source?

    This is great guys. Thank you so much for your time and comments!

    One application that I have for such software is that I'm making instrumental melody tracks for 10 songs. Rather than play the melody again on the keys and assign a sound sample to it, I thought if I could convert the vocal track to a midi file I could start with that. Also one type of music I work with often, a characteristic of it is having an instrumental following along with the melody of the vocal. So this would be a quick way to get that going.

    On top of that, I think it could perhaps help me be creative in song writing - coming at writing a part from a relaxed and different point of view (not thinking about if I'm going to hit the right notes on the keyboard or guitar) I think could open up come creativity. My mind works a lot faster than my motor skills right now.

    And finally, it could be helpful in composing for someone who is physically handicapped and cannot express with their hands instrumentally what is going on their minds.

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    Re: Making midi files from a mono audio source?

    Cubase vari audio will definitely do this, it takes the wave file, moves the sections of wave to a note on a keyboard layout and this can be converted to midi which will play back, BUT not in real time. Record the sound, modify then convert.

    Cubase is also expensive.

    I had a try of this and it worked although it missed out one note - I've no idea why, must be my singing
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