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Topic: GS3 machine hardware breakdown...

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    GS3 machine hardware breakdown...

    Hi guys! Its been a while since I posted here, I hope everyone is doing well :-)

    I have an issue and I am hoping for some advice. I have a few GS machines in my studio - while I have mostly converted to Kontakt 4 and VE Pro, I still use my gigas and the 10s of thousands of dollars of samples I invested in, especially when I need to rework an old piece... Anyway I had some massive hardware trouble, several parts fried out on one machine. 2 SATA drives toasted and the motherboard and power supply... was an ugly mess. Anyhow.. it was using an ASUS P5WD2 Premium motherboard with 4 1G ram sticks. I ended up buying a new mb (ASUS P7H55-M PRO, core i3 cpu and 2 2G ram sticks). After getting all the new stuff up and running and getting my GS3 install running, I cant load any of my performances since for some reason its only accessing 500M of the 4G of RAM in this install (in the past I was able to get close to 3G loaded with the old MB/ram). Since I had better luck in the past I am considering that it must be something to do with how this much newer MB accesses its RAM and GS3 just doesnt get it. I tried to switch to one of the other memory settings from GS3 and 1 setting I got blue screen of death, then after resetting in safe mode and trying again, I reboot and get some weird dialog box with errors at the logon screen of windows and then it will reboot itself ad infinitum.

    I wish I could replace this P5WD2 Premium but its not made anymore. Does anyone have some suggestion on what I should do here? I cant just toss out my GS3 just because, but new hardware doesnt seem to work for me...
    Christopher Kennedy Alpiar
    Cinematic Composer

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    Re: GS3 machine hardware breakdown...

    I guess my first move would be to contact a couple of the GS gurus that are still hanging around. I don't remember the names, but if you sift through the last few months messages (it isn't many - sad in itself) you'll find them. Ask for hardware compatibility lists that were published around the time of the demise of GS.

    I still have an Abit NF7 rig that is working for me, and like you, I'm doing my best not to upset it<G>! I don't have nearly what you have tied up financially (emotionally is another issue - all those hours spent learning the tools and the libraries - ugh!) but I want to keep it around until I can transfer or replace all my favorite libraries.

    Also like you I've made the transition (as of this past December - I can be pigheaded - ask me about the Amiga<G>) to Kontakt. I have been able to move a lot of my libraries over via the native translation routines and Chicken Systems Translator.

    My show stoppers right now are upright bass, electric bass, and Garritan's Orchestral Strings - as old as it it, it is not dated. Neither will it translate cleanly to Kontakt. Ugh again! Once those are translated or replaced I'll be retiring GS.

    I've spent hours with SampleLord, G-Player, and even LinuxSampler, and all three will play some of the libraries without problems, but none will play all of them! Too bad!

    Oh, while it is a gamble, my next step would be to scour eBay for a motherboard that is on the compatible hardware list, or just plain known to work. You can probably find New Old Stock (NOS) which means the board has never been used. And I'll bet you can find them pretty cheap, if you do you might want to buy two<G>!

    Good luck! I'm rootin' for you...
    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Re: GS3 machine hardware breakdown...


    I am not a GS3 guru by no means, but I would not recommend any new M/B's, chipsets, or processors not compatible with Gigastudio. If I recall, a while back when the pulled the plug in this, their recommended system's I believe were all 32 bit machines with win XP, AMD athlons and Pentium 4's. I am not even sure if the core i's are supported. I still use my GS3 on a old Asus P4P800 Deluxe board, P4 2.8mhz, with 4 gigs of ram. Everything works great and I am not touching it. This will be my permanent giga machine. I've tried to keep upgrades and updates to a minimum to none. Giga running in kernal level, I think is ultra sensitive to hardward and software compatibility. If everything matches perfect with giga without confict, then it runs like a charm. Any compatibility issues, and your doomed with loading problems and bsod's. I've had a lot of those in the past until I was able to fine tune my PC with hardward and softward updates to get it to be stable. Lots of trial and errors and scratching my head. Knock on wood, its running great now.

    Since giga is no longer supported I would stick with older machines and not upgrade. You can probably get an old Pentium for next to nothing. Then again, not sure how your going to register it. I am not sure if you can register it any longer. I am also quite unhappy about this. So I am hoping I do not have a hardward failure. As a precautinary measure, I've make a image of my C drive and put it on the shelf. Not sure if this will work, or if it will ask me for registration, in case something happens.

    Good Luck

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    Re: GS3 machine hardware breakdown...

    Yes,you can still register it.

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