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Topic: Graphics bug at startup in Omnisphere?

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    Graphics bug at startup in Omnisphere?

    Hi, every time I start Omnisphere from a saved device Rack in Ableton Live (8.1, mac OSX 10.6), I get a Graphics glitch on the main page where some controls come through the image. Clicking it usually makes it go normal, but sometimes I have to close and reopen the interface to be able to see the interface properly. I can send a screeshot later, but just thought you Spectrasonics might like to know.

    What's the right place to report a little bug like this by the way?


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    Re: Graphics bug at startup in Omnisphere?

    Here's a screenshot:

    When clicking the interface it will then often look like this:

    To make it un-mangled and be able to see it properly, I have to close the window and open it again.

    This only happens the first time you open Omnisphere in a session though. Subsequent instances look normal. This is using the VST version by the way opened saved in a set or a device rack.

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