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Topic: twenty one

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    Re: twenty one

    ooops-wrong section!
    scarbee rhodes over Spectrasonics backing

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    Re: twenty one

    Nice work Hans

    Some very nice sounds your work is very true, thanks

    Dont stop


    Gigabyte EP43UD3L. Core2Duo3gighz6MBcatch.ram6gighz DDR2800hz.seagate1500TBHDD Soundcard:M-AUDIO Fasttrack Pro USB. OS windows764bit.Host Cubase5update 5.1.1. Wavelabstudio 6. Hypersonic with modules. Omnisphere. VST sound collection. HALion Sonic VST Workstation upgrade.
    Hardware:dual monitors. controlFreek 16 channel. Samson Cvalve. BasePodLine6. BEHRINGER 8channal mixer.NAD AMP. JBL speakers.Instruments: yamahaP80. yamahaSY35. fender strat. washburn acustic guitar, main intrument: yamaha six stringTBR base guitar.

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    Re: twenty one

    Thank you very much for your kind words.
    I have no intention to stop.
    As long as the inspiration continues so will i.

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