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Topic: Can a trumpeter do this?

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    Can a trumpeter do this?

    I'd like your opinions on the use of trumpet samples in this sequence. Can a trumpeter do this?

    Hat Trick

    Can a trumpeter do this or is this beyond the scope of plausible performance? Too much portamento? Am I cramming too many articulations in such a short sequences?


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    Re: Can a trumpeter do this?

    I don't play trumpet my self, but my composition teacher does.... and he's quite good at it. Compared to some of the stuff I've heard him do, this is rather tame.

    So, yes, this is well with in the capabilities of a good trumpeter.

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    Re: Can a trumpeter do this?

    Not to disagree with Michael, but as a professional trumpet player, I can honestly say yes, technically, but not in practice, at least not easily. It just feels like there are just far too many portamentos (sp?) (especially one after another, repeating the same interval), and nearly everything is slurred; I would use portamento more sparingly, tongue more notes, and make the slurs cleaner and quicker. It also (I hesitate to say this; apologies in advance!) seems disconnected from the accompaniment; finding the meter is more difficult than it should be, requiring you to listen to the accompaniment only, as the soloist does nothing to make the time apparent. I hope I've offered some helpful thoughts, and not offended you too much. What you've got sounds like it could be doable, especially if improvised, but it tends towards the awkward, rather than the show-offish.
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    Re: Can a trumpeter do this?

    Hi Marko

    I think both John and Michael are saying the same thing, and I'd agree with them both (heck ... I certainly wouldn't tell a professional he's wrong, especialy when he's right! )

    "Tame" is the word I was going to use ... in one sense it seems too easy for a top player, yet in another sense it doesn't quite seem to fit right!

    Here's a link to a famous trumpet piece which perhaps illustrates John's points: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNWxwvIwC-Q

    I'd note are that there's a strong sense of melody and rhythm in the solo part and the flourishes are by and large squeezed in as if to say "yes I can carry a good tune .. but look what else I can do in between!" There's not quite enough difference in tempo in your sample between the tune and the flourishes to quite tell when we're in one rather than the other.

    Also the band are very supportive rather than competing against the soloist.

    As with your previous cornet piece (the above link ironically references a couple of othe other famous cornet solos, but played in a more trumpet like style), I assume that this is an early sketch ...

    I think you are still thinking like a cornet player a little and you need to go further before you quite get into the trumpet style ... a trumpet is more assertive and capable of much more contrast in style and articulation than a cornet - which can sound "tame" in comparison!

    I'm looking forward to your finished piece .. I'm sure it will turn out as good as the last one!

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    Re: Can a trumpeter do this?

    Thanks Michael. I think it is a tame too.

    Thanks Viper. I'm inclined agree that I used too much portamento here. As to the meter, it seems a straightforward 8/8 that is played in a lot of latin style piano parts with just a few chords, but there's no complementary percussion here. I don't find the meter difficult at all. Is the rhythm too syncopated?

    Thanks Peter.Yes. I sketched this out just yesterday as I was testing these samples. I like your summary: "Yes I can carry a good tune .. but look what else I can do in between!" Perhaps I am documenting a trumpeter's ill-fated audition!

    I'll check out the youtube link.

    Thanks all for listening. I appreciate your thoughts and comments. It's very helpful


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    Re: Can a trumpeter do this?

    Marko: It's not so much the rhythm underneath, it just seems like everything is a little bit off; as if the trumpet is lagging or overhanging the beat a little in each measure rather than being right on top of it. Or perhaps it's the piano that's seems like it's doing so. It might simply need the percussion to make it lock correctly, but I just can't seem to wrap my brain around it, everything feels rhythmically murky to me (sorry!). Also, I need to clarify; it's not that it's technically difficult, or impossible, it's just the effects used and the sequences in which they are used aren't particularly idiomatic. I hope that makes a bit more sense. BTW: Is this SampleModeling's "The Trumpet"?
    John Robert Matz - www.johnrobertmatz.com
    Composer for Film, Theatre, Games, and Concert Hall
    Listen at: http://SoundCloud.com/John-Robert-Matz/

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    Re: Can a trumpeter do this?

    It's Vienna Instruments Bb trumpet download.

    I must be doing it a musical injustice.


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    Re: Can a trumpeter do this?

    Yes, a trumpeter can play like that.. Its relatively easy, however...
    The tone color here sounds almost exactly the same throughout the entire piece. This not only makes it sound rather unattractive, but also unrealistic.
    I wouldn't dwell too much on the portamento. It doesn't sound at all too much.
    Vienna instruments tend to overdo a little on the portamento though, especially their clarinet to my taste. Their instruments sound outstanding nevertheless.
    Trumpets are very expressive instruments in a jazz, funk or classical piece...any setting for that matter, they have incredible variation in tone.
    I have yet to see a library that can capture that. I am desperate for a trumpet library with lots of added 'life'.

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