Hello guys,

I've been searching the various forums on the topic but never had a luck.
So am hoping any of you would shed a light on the issue with my system.

I'm running Logic Pro 8 and use PLAY SD2, both are updated to the latest version available.

A) Output configuration on SD2 (Sum, Mono, Stereo, etc) does not function. On whatever configuration it is set, the output is always Stereo.

B) Quite a few of the sounds including Black Kit are panned considerably off centre even the Snare and Kick drums, making it necessary to adjust the panning at latter stage of process.

C) In Logic, the meter on channel strip does not reflect the Output of SD2 correctly.
When a sound panned at centre position come through, the meter shows the right channel is significantly higher than the left.

I'm puzzled whether this is simply a bug of either program or the compatibility issue between them. I notified EWQL support stuff with the issue via email but got no reply.

Besides, I'm also interested in how to make the most of MIDI performance multis in SD2.
Will you review all the demo files and bring in what you like or just try&test one by one??
I feel reluctant to import the MIDI file containing a dozen of tracks only for the sake of one particular rhythmic groove.
I'd appreciate your advice how you incorporate the MIDI performance multi files in your composition work-flow.

Any advice would be much appreciated.