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Topic: X-Custom Patches

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    X-Custom Patches

    Hey all, I'm an EWI player and I've had my friends version of GPO on my computer for a while but he doesn't live in my area anymore. What I'm wondering is if there's anyway to get a copy of the x-custom nki files that were released after GPO4 came out, cause the garritan website wont let me buy/download them without an activated account. And apparently, it's really hard to get a good breath controller sound without the updated patches. Any help would be great. Thanks!!!

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    Re: X-Custom Patches

    Hi kalestilez,

    I would recomend that you e-mail your friend, get him to download the needed files, and then honour him and buy him cyber pints to return the favour. If an activated account is required to get what you need, then there is probably not a way around that without bending the law.
    Software upgrades generally require information specific to the activated product.

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