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Topic: Wolf Whispers (demo for flute 2)

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    Wolf Whispers (demo for flute 2)

    This is a demo dedicated to flute 2, written for harp and flute. The timbre is different than flute 1, but does have its own personality.

    (Once again, this particular lib is from the VSL download collection)

    Wolf Whispers

    Comments are welcomed!


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    Re: Wolf Whispers (demo for flute 2)

    Beautiful piece Guy..I love it


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    Re: Wolf Whispers (demo for flute 2)

    I'm a flutist (not a great one, but decent enough) so most VI flutes just don't sound very good to me. I must say, that you did quite a good job with this, and that it's very convincing. Still, I feel that something is missing that's needed to really push it past the point of sounding like it might be real, to sounding like it IS real. I think perhaps some breath noises (if possible) placed at the correct moments would do wonders for really fooling the listener into thinking it's real. I also don't think there's quite enough space during the places where a breath would be taken by a real player. Yes, a virtual flutist will never run out of breath, but some of what you have would be quite difficult to play for a real performer with the timing you have. I think this is the main problem. In other words, it needs to breath a little more.

    Really beautiful piece. Probably any non flutist would be completely fooled into thinking it's the real thing.

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    Re: Wolf Whispers (demo for flute 2)

    Thanks you guys!

    Michael, You are absolutely right, and this definitely was a concern of mine, the fact that you mentioned it will probably make me do a few adjustments. Thanks!

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    Re: Wolf Whispers (demo for flute 2)

    No problem!

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    Re: Wolf Whispers (demo for flute 2)

    Wow..this is really nice..love it...

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    Re: Wolf Whispers (demo for flute 2)

    Thank you Haze!

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