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Topic: Why can we only import REX files into RMX?

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    Why can we only import REX files into RMX?

    I am betting this has been discussed exhaustively before. But let me get this straight- Stylus only alows for importing of REX files using the SAGE convertor- but why only REX. I have Logic and the Apple Loops utility- why could I not do my own conversions and then import them into Stylus- it is not even using REX natively but needs to convert them to an internal format as well.
    Am I missing something? I saw the price of Recycle and won't that kind of money just to be able to do my own beats into RMX- especially when I can create my own Apple Loops. Is there something in the licensing that Spectrasonics did with PropHeads to lock out any other format from being importable?

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    Re: Why can we only import REX files into RMX?

    This has indeed been discussed extensively.

    Short answer is that Apple Loops format slicing is much more limited and not accurate compared to ReCycle approach.

    It's really two totally different approaches that only appear similar on the surface. Apple Loops is based on Time Stretching the whole loop, which offers poor sound quality and much less flexibility....vs the ReCycle/Slicing approach for each hit, with better sound quality and superior musical flexibility.

    For example...doing a straight conversion of Apple Loops to RMX would result in files where the Time Designer would not work well at all and would sound truly terrible/unmusical.

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