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Topic: Slightly OT - I FINALLY get to experience the POWER!

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    Thumbs up Slightly OT - I FINALLY get to experience the POWER!

    Hey everyone.

    I was just responding to another thread where I reminded myself how up till now, I've always had less-than-stellar hardware to use when creating scores and music. Most of my hardware was on the very bottom end of the "minimum requirements" heading.

    When scoring for film, I used to render the video clip to the lowest possible resolution just so it wouldn't KILL Finale or DP or Logic while trying to do anything musical for it. (And even then.... bleh!)

    I used every little tweak and trick I could to maximize the ability for my pathetic system to run my music production apps. And I remember on many of those frustrating times thinking to myself: "I bet it is nice to have a decent computer to run things with, like So-and-So has, etc. I would get green with envy at reading the specs many of the Garritan Forum members' systems.

    But no more! I have upgraded to a MacbookPro. Now, the one I bought is older, so I didn't really expect TOO MUCH of a performance boost. But I was really shocked. It is like a night and day difference!
    Now, I can load up a full orchestra in Finale (ARIA GPO4) and have a video (FULL 1920x1040 HD) playing on an attached monitor and absolutely NO hiccups! I'm amazed and floored. The graphics card for my MB is very robust, so I know that helps,. but I have yet to experience the audio drop off and overload I used to get all the time.

    I haven't tried to max it out yet. I think I'll try that sometime. I know it will have limitations, but - I just cannot believe the difference between the Powerbook G4 and the MacBook pro.

    (I can only imagine what an 8-core MacPro would do!!)

    Sorry this is OT - but... It really takes a lot of the headache out of my workflow these days!

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    Re: Slightly OT - I FINALLY get to experience the POWER!

    I've just had to upgrade to a Windows 7 i5 PC with 6Gb RAM (nowhere near a MacBook Pro though, I'm sure) and am finding the same ... the extra power completely changes my workflow.

    Only downside I've found is that the DAW I've been using (MULAB) doesn't seem to recognise all my multicore processors, so still thinks the CPU gets overloaded, so I'm having to look at something else (REAPER seems promising and affordable).

    I see on another thread that some have up to 48Gb RAM ... I couldn't quite imagine coping with enough instuments to need all that capacity ... but maybe in a few years time.

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    Re: Slightly OT - I FINALLY get to experience the POWER!

    Congratulations Jerry! I know the feeling, just upgraded in April to a Macbook Pro myself. Haven't heard any of that stuttering playback anymore. It's like getting rid of that stick shift and driving a high speed automatic.


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    Re: Slightly OT - I FINALLY get to experience the POWER!

    Nicely done! MacBook Pro is a very very solid computer. It's certainly powerful. I just finished building a computer for the first time last weekend with an i5 Processor and a nice video card. Compared to my 2 year-old laptop, it's certainly a super-computer. I certainly know how refreshing it feels to have a more than competent computer, so congratulations!
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    Re: Slightly OT - I FINALLY get to experience the POWER!

    I've been working on one of these beasts since 2007. Like any computer, it has its ups and downs, but overall it's an extremely powerful (and not to mention, portable) machine.

    Let me know if you have any OS X or Mac specific questions; I've been through everything good and bad related to Macbook Pros, so just post if you need anything.

    Good luck,

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    Re: Slightly OT - I FINALLY get to experience the POWER!

    Nice to hear such a nice development. Finally you won't have time for a cup of coffee while the machine is "doing" something.

    Now we are waiting for "Vivace Divertimenti" (haha......)

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