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Topic: how do I point Aria player to GPO?

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    how do I point Aria player to GPO?

    how can I install the version of GPO with Kontact Player 2, without having to install Kontact Player 1, when my disks are for the earlier version?

    I managed to get my GPO4 installed, and am working on gradually getting all my other libraries up and running.
    The Kontact Player 2 libraries seem to be causing me less trouble than I anticipated.

    however, GPO, being the first Garritan library I purchased, the disk came with Kontact Player 1. I completely forget if I needed to install an updated version of the actual samples or what before getting access to kontact player 2.
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    Re: how do I point Aria player to GPO?

    Hi Michel,

    Yep, it's fairly easy. Download the KP2 installer from the NI site (2.2.3). Install. Then copy the big monolith files (nkm or nks extension, I forget which) from your original CDs to the Program Files/Garritan/KP2 or whatever directory KP2 GPO is installed to. I think there are three monolith files. They should sit in the same directory as the instruments and multis folders. Then run the KP2 2.2.4 update.

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    Re: how do I point Aria player to GPO?

    Hi Michel

    I think you are confusing Kontakt and Aria!?

    These are two "sample player" programs - they do not contain any samples in themselves, though they often come bundled with sample libraries, which usually (always?) come configured to run with one samepl player only.

    GPO used to work with the Kontakt player up until v3, whereas GPO4 now uses Aria I believe (I don't have GPO4 myself).

    So just run the GPO4 install program and it should install and configure the Aria player for you.

    You won't need the Kontakt player unless you have other libraries that only use Kontakt, or want to install your GPO v1 library as well as GPO4 - I can't see any benefit in that for you unless GPO1 has samples not in GPO4.

    If you do still want to install GPO1 and have it run on KP2, you could try installing the KP2 player first, and then hopefully the GPO1 installation will detect that a newer version of KP is already installed - good intallation programs do this but it can't be guaranteed.

    Hope that helps and doesn't just confuse you further!


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