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Topic: Lass

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    I think i need to buy this library!

    it is just TOO good!

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    Re: Lass

    Be sure to get acquainted with the tuning issues before making the leap.

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    Re: Lass

    Tuning "issues"? That sort of makes it sound as if there's something horribly 'off' with the tuning in LASS ....and IMO there isn't.

    Roberto...I expect you would greatly appreciate owning LASS, and would find it a treat to use. Most of all, LASS sounds wonderful in many types of music. And with the new Auto Arranger feature it's just become even better. In addition you get a very supportive community, and Andrew and his team are a joy to associate with. LASS also has its own forum of course, so if you want to read more about how other users feel about the program, just log in there after you purchase. You'll also find things like videos, and suggestions for set up and arranging with LASS. Ciao.............frank
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    Re: Lass

    Quote Originally Posted by beach View Post
    I think i need to buy this library!

    it is just TOO good!
    Hi Robert,

    Andrew K here (developer of LASS).

    Thanks for the kind words (thank you too Playz123). We believe LASS is the most expressive string library available. With the combination of the first chairs, 1/4 A section, 1/4 B section, 1/4 C section and the full mix sections, you can build your own size ensembles and control them individually for maximum expression.

    Also, the Auto Arranger really is a game-changer. It does polyphonic legato (tracking up to 13 voices!!) while doing auto-divisi and maintaining accurate player count (no massive player build-up if you don't want it). Playing multiple lines with 1 hand and having them play legato, portamento, and glissando intelligently is sooo much fun... and inspiring. Yo can see a video here: http://audiobro.com/html/demos.html#AA

    Also, LASS plays nicely right out of the box on a single decent off-the-shelf computer (quad i7 for example) with regular 7200 rpm HDs.

    The audiobro forums are great... but they are private. There is a lot of power-user information in those posts (over 4000 posts) and we pride ourselves in rapid tech support. Keeping it a private forum ensures we focus our support on our customers and user-base.

    But, in the meantime, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at info <at> audiobro <dot> com.

    I hope this helps.


    Andrew K

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    Re: Lass

    The tuning issues took me a while to get used to. Many of the samples are purposefully slightly out of tune in order to create a more realistic performance. However, when I’m just beginning to compose a piece I find it somewhat distracting when trying to come up with melodic lines etc. That being said, you can always go in and fine tune the pitches.

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    Re: Lass

    Quote Originally Posted by MODE View Post
    The tuning issues took me a while to get used to.
    Hi Mode,

    Thanks for reminding me.. I did want to add something to my previous post but forgot.

    [I know you know this MODE... just adding to the thread for other who are interested...]

    When doing a library split into smaller ensembles (2,3 and 4 player ensembles), players are much more exposed than on other full 16 player libraries. This is just a physical reality. Older sample libraries have somewhat done a disservice into acclimating us to over-tuned strings... and they sound devoid of natural performance. People joke about getting 2 violins to play in tune... imagine 3 violas!!... these guys (and gals) nailed it... not to mention their tone.

    If you pluck any 2,3 or 4 players out of a section and isolate them... if they are really good players... they'll sound like what you get with LASS.

    Just a developer's note about tuning. In the last 15 years or so, developers have all been tuning (with Melodyne or other) their string libraries. When you do this, they sound "in tune"... but when you layer them, then start to sound incredibly synthy or like an organ or accordion. I know this because very early in LASS's development I tested this. and when I layered all the strings (as this is how LASS is intended to be use) it sounded synthy and just fake. To me the choice was clear. Also, recording real strings on a regular basis, I'm familiar with the natural tuning variances in the instruments. LASS definitely falls in range of acceptable tuning to say the least. Is it perfect? Of course not. Nothing really is. But those are the juices of a real performance.


    Andrew K

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    Re: Lass

    Depending on what you want, you will either find the tuning of LASS to be amazing or terrible. I find the tuning of the held notes to be just fine, but some of the transitions between them can make it sound like a group of players who aren't at the top of their game. In the context of a huge mix, they sound really really good. If you want your strings to sound like the best orchestra out there when played by themselves, you may be disappointed.

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    Re: Lass

    Quote Originally Posted by markblasco View Post
    In the context of a huge mix, they sound really really good. If you want your strings to sound like the best orchestra out there when played by themselves, you may be disappointed.
    Hi Mark,

    I think if you listen to the Auto Arranger demo.... you'll notice there that you have 3 part divisi all over the place. It sounds great... and these are with 3 and 4 player divisis... nowhere to hide. Also, check out what I wrote in the post above yours (2nd to last paragraph).

    ok... I'll shut up now (famous last words LOL)


    Andrew K

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    Re: Lass


    Don't get me wrong, I love LASS. I have pretty much given up using my other string samples because of it, and it sounds amazing. The tuning and transitions are what make it sound real in a mix. There are times, though, when it just doesn't work well for some of the music I do. I was intending to use some of the solo instruments as leads on a folk record I was recording, but when playing the melodies of the song, while they sounded very real and the tone was great, they didn't work because of the tuning during the transition between notes. We still ended up using LASS on the record, just in more of a supporting role.

    I think as soon as you have a few different LASS tracks going at the same time, it is pure magic. I just have not been able to do something more exposed (like for instance some ascending scales on the solo cello at a medium pace) without some of the transitions between the notes sounding a bit off for my taste. Those transitions, though, are what makes LASS sound so real, and 95% of the time, I love them!

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    Re: Lass

    Oh, and the auto arranger is amazing! I can't wait for a brass and woodwinds version with this!

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