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Topic: Kontakt Player re-install question (new PC)

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    Kontakt Player re-install question (new PC)

    my work computer just crashed, and I can't re-access my Kontact player 2 on the old computer for passwords, and serial numbers and whatnot.

    I'd like to know if anyone else has ever had a serious computer crash and needed to re-install kontact player with garritan libraries (I have the Gofriller and the Strad, which were never ported to Aria).

    1. I need to know whether I can just re-install my libraries and not worry about the older registration of Kontact Player.

    2. do I need to un-install / un-register my older instance of Kontact Player?

    3. Can I just install my old hard drive into the new computer and access the registration utility for Kontact player to un-register / re-register it?

    it's been so long since I installed all of these things, that I have completely forgotten how the procedures.

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    Re: Kontakt Player re-install question (new PC)

    Hi Michel,

    Yeah, you should just be able to reinstall everything as KP2, no need to install the older KP1 versions or worry about previous registrations.

    NI's copy protection scheme about using only 2 computers simultaneously is pretty flexible when it comes to uninstalls, which is effectively what you've done. If you run Service Center (the one downloaded from the NI site, NOT the one that comes on any disc) you should be in the clear.

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    Re: Kontakt Player re-install question (new PC)

    Sadly, the older computer is REALLY dead, meaning, I can't uninstall the Kontact player from it.

    is there a way of unregistering it from the dead computer?

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    Re: Kontakt Player re-install question (new PC)

    hi Michael

    I've had the same problem recently.

    Everything reinstalled nicely on my new PC without having to do anything to unregister the old one. It should be just like installing everything from new for the first time.

    In the very unlikely event that the Service Center says your licence is already registered to another PC, you can try logging onto you NI account online to see if there is a "de-register PC" option there, or else you can raise a help request to NI.

    But I don't think you'll need to do that so don't worry about it too much yet.

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    Re: Kontakt Player re-install question (new PC)

    Had this too, a really dead computer, gone with some explosion of the power unit and destroying my HD's as well. Reinstalling all Garritan stuff and registration was no problem at all.

    Just do it,
    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: Kontakt Player re-install question (new PC)

    I still have the hard drive where all my libraries are installed.

    Does that mean I can reinstall somehow without actually "installing" the libraries?

    I have GPO4, I have the Strad, the Gofriller, Concert & Marching Band, Jazz & Big-band...

    a couple are Aria versions (GPO, I think I have the upgraded CoMB).

    I just remember having a hell of a lot of trouble installing this stuff when I first did it.
    Mostly because I don't want things to install where THEY want to install, but rather where *I* want them, to install.

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    Re: Kontakt Player re-install question (new PC)

    You could just install KP2 on the new PC and then try to get it to point to the libraries on your existing drive ... but I think you may find it easier to install from scratch and let the installer program set everything up for you.

    (Either way, you'd still need to register each of the libraries again in the service center.)

    It does let you set the install directories to where you want them to be, but I know it can be confusing - especially when you have a lot of stuff to (re-)install all at once.

    Take it slowly and be methodical and you should be alright!

    If necessary you can uninstall and try again, so it might be worth getting one library fully up and runing before doing the rest.

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    Re: Kontakt Player re-install question (new PC)

    I want to avoid installing KP1, then KP2, then Aria player, and older versions of all my libraries on my computer.
    Is there some way of only installing the latest versions of everything?

    For example, do all the Garritan libraries require they be "installed" on the computer?
    (ie: do they insinuate themselves into the registry?)
    Or is simply BEING on the computer's HD enough?

    (for example, my game "World of Warcraft" does not require any actual "installation".. I can just copy the directory with the game directly to any drive and it will work. It may seem silly, but it's the easiest thing so far I've installed post-crash, simply because I could just copy it directly off my old hard drive, into its new location on the new HD and new computer.)

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    Re: Kontakt Player re-install question (new PC)


    You're right ... most programs nowadays "insinuate themselves into the registry" and so are best installed from the installation utility provide with the software, rather than trying to copy/use the files from an old location - in which case, you'd have to know all the registry entries required to make them run.

    Unless you really know what you're doing, it's best to leave the registry alone ... any mistake can kill your PC.

    Other programs, such as your World Of Warcraft, choose not to use the Windows registry and so require no installation other than copying/unzipping and running - they'll probably store any long term information they need to keep in a file relative to location of the ".exe" file that you run, so can be moved ("ported") easily.

    You could possibly get away with just copying the libraries, and they might be useable in K2, but the Service Centre will probably expect them to be detailed in the registry, and without that you won't be able to activate them (so they'll always run in "demo" mode).

    You won't need to install older verions of any software, unless the newer version you have are just "updates" rather than complete installations, so just start with GPO4 (the latest GPO version you have, for example) and you can ignore the earlier version.

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