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Topic: The Dancing Clown (trumpet ensemble demo #2)

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    The Dancing Clown (trumpet ensemble demo #2)

    This demo is for the trumpet ensemble, which is trumpets à 3, not the fanfare trumpets which are à 6. In this piece, The Dancing Clown, I treated it as a trumpet à 2 with, to a certain degree, the same flexibility as a solo trumpet but with more body.

    Just a reminder that the trumpet part is done completely with the VSL download library which is a reduced version of the full lib, so what you hear in this (and in all the other download pieces I've been presenting), is not using all the articulations but just a selection. The complete lib offers a much more elaborate palette of articulations.

    The Dancing Clown

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    Re: The Dancing Clown (trumpet ensemble demo #2)

    What a marvelous trip to the circus!
    I could see a brightly lit circus arena and the clown doing his dance and then the lights went down and the spectators froze in amazement as the clown set cylinders with a board on a loose rope, jumped on them and went on juggling balls.
    Your miniatures are so descriptive I can't help imagining visual scenes while listening to them, thanks to your imagination, orchestration skills and VSL instruments.
    I have a question, how do you program tempo changes? I am using Cubase which has quite a few tools for this, but I find it hard to achieve such natural ritardandos and accelerandos as yours.

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    Re: The Dancing Clown (trumpet ensemble demo #2)

    I still think "Glory and Honour" is great ... but this is even better so I can see why you were disatisfied with the first piece!

    You are your own best critic!

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    Re: The Dancing Clown (trumpet ensemble demo #2)

    Thanks a bunch guys!


    I love coloring up my pieces with a certain feel, but I also love reading the perception and description of what others felt. Really enjoyed reading that.

    For tempo changes, if it's a solo part, I prefer to just play the slowing down part live, nothing beats that. When it's orchestral, it doesn't really matter how you program it, at least to me, what's important is afterwards. I listen to what's there and if it the rit doesn't sound right it makes a clash in my head and right away I make adjustments with the tempo automation until it meets the same feel that's in my head. A simple way is to close your eyes in imagine how you would like the rit to sound and then match that with the tempo automation. It gets easier with practice.


    Yes, I kind of gambled, but what I didn't enjoy about the first demo is that it was a more borrowed style and I didn't have much fun doing it, at least the theme part, even though I tried my best. From now on I'll leave that stuff to the master JW. To each his own.

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    Re: The Dancing Clown (trumpet ensemble demo #2)

    Hello, Guy.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Quote Originally Posted by guyB View Post
    For tempo changes, if it's a solo part, I prefer to just play the slowing down part live, nothing beats that. .
    That's what I end up doing most of the time. I do hope it gets easier with practice.

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