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Topic: Creating my own Giga libraries...

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    Creating my own Giga libraries...

    Hey all-
    I\'m thinking of creating my own Giga libraries and was curious if anyone would be interested in an all Textural/Ambient library. If it gets considerably involved (which i have the feeling it will) I might try to release the collection on CD. Does anyone have thoughts on this? Would it be beneficial to Giga-users our there or do you think the market for Ambient texture bases is too saturated?
    Zack Q.
    Raven Software

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    Re: Creating my own Giga libraries...

    Hey, ambient/texture libraries are never enough, but looks like you have some tough competition if you are thinking of releasing it commercially.

    But really if your sounds are truly revolutionary, there will be a market for it, since a lot of music nowadays is dependant on innovative sound design rather than the traditional melody, rhythm or harmony.

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    Re: Creating my own Giga libraries...

    I was thinking about creating a library that is based out of reality but heavily synth-ed out.
    ie; an industrial grinder with many layers and a synth underbelly that completely shifted when you used the MOD wheel...

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