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Topic: Mating GPO 1.0 with Sibelius 5.20

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    Mating GPO 1.0 with Sibelius 5.20

    Can anyone help me to mate Sibelius 5.20 with GPO 1.0, by directing me to the appropriate version Kontakt Player and the route to inserting the GPO sound library in Sibelius. Had it all working well for 2 years until mother board blew. desperate to start writing again so would really appreciate help.

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    Re: Mating GPO 1.0 with Sibelius 5.20

    The GPO 1.0 uses Kontakt Player 1 which doesn't work with Sib directly. Go to the Native Instruments website and download the Kontakt Player 2.3 update. There is also a KP2.4 update but you need to install 2.3 first as it has the lib files. KP2.4 is the player only. Sib 5 comes with KP 2 as well, so you shouldn't need to manually install the player for Sib.

    There will also be an info link (I forget the exact wording) where you can get the new KP2 serial number.

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