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Topic: a netbook for GPO?

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    a netbook for GPO?

    is there a cheap netbook to be used with GPO and Sonar (i have version 2,4,6,8.5)?
    i would like to connect korg nanokey, for example, and use it when i am travelling. composing in a hotel room can be a nice experience!
    optionally, i could also buy a low-price USB interface to have low latency asio driver if the netbook is not capable of realitme playing.

    i do not need a lot of power... or to play 40-tracks projects... just be able to sketch up a song!


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    Re: a netbook for GPO?

    Two years ago I would have said no, as my netbook is damn slow. This year, I'm not sure. Two of the common issues with netbooks in the past have been low quality solid state hard drives, stuttery hard disk controllers, and insufficient RAM. My netbook(an Asus EEE901) in stock form would be hopeless at fluently running the setup you mentioned. With a RAM and hard disk upgrade, it would likely fair much better... but then the limitations of the Intel Atom processor would be the bottleneck.

    If you get a netbook with a magnetic hard drive or a high quality solid state hard drive($$$), then I think things would be doable so long as multi tasking was kept to a minimum. If they multi core netbooks exist, than that will improve multi tasking.... but increase the price tag into the realm of laptops and somewhat defeat the concept of the netbook (of course, this will happen sooner or later).

    If you get a modern top end netbook with 2gb ram, then I think that song sketchups are feasable (at least when plugged into a wall outlet). Something like this maybe: http://ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=46448&vpn=1201N-PU17-BK&manufacture=ASUS.

    This is pretty much what Netbooks were originally not intended for, but concept does seem attractive for mobile composers.

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