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Topic: "Into Glory We Ride" Epic track feat. Requiem

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    "Into Glory We Ride" Epic track feat. Requiem

    Really diggin' Req.

    Here's the 2nd piece I have done with it:


    I didn't have my originality hat on while writing this, but there is a reason for that. Anyway, any comments about anything - the way the choirs sound, the mix, anything at all, please feel free.


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    Re: "Into Glory We Ride" Epic track feat. Requiem

    This sounds great. Requiem really sits well in the mix and the composition itself is great. Really paced and dramatic sounding. There's nothing obvious I can hear that needs improvement. Really nice piece.
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    Re: "Into Glory We Ride" Epic track feat. Requiem

    Hi Jeffery,

    This sounds very good to me. Is requiem easy to work with?

    Regards John

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    Re: "Into Glory We Ride" Epic track feat. Requiem

    Nice epic sounding track. The one solo voice at the end sounded really computery to me though. That's the only thing that I really think needs to be fixed, as the rest sounded just about perfect to me.

    What libraries (other than Requiem) did you use to make this? Sounded like EWQLSO and Stromdrum to me.

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    Re: "Into Glory We Ride" Epic track feat. Requiem

    Gents, thank you for taking the time to listen and the kind words.

    John - not at all. That choir part alone took me 14 hours.

    Michael - good catch. The strings were all EWQLSO, and the drums were a mixture of the EWQL SO Tympani, DOW, SD2, Evolve, and that snare is custom.


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    Re: "Into Glory We Ride" Epic track feat. Requiem

    Re: "Is requiem easy to work with?"
    In brief, and IMHO, at present the answer is a definite "No". Blake's scripts help somewhat...as much as they can.

    Jeff, your latest offering is indeed impressive, and shows that Requiem can, with some work, be fitted into pieces of that type and produce a realistic choir sound. It also demonstrates clearly, your composing and orchestration skills. Well done!.............frank
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