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Topic: Art Vista VGP2 Trouble

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    Art Vista VGP2 Trouble


    I recently received the Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano 2 and it won't work properly on any of my 3 custom DAW computers or on my Dell PC laptop. I have lots of other libraries, spread across the computers and all are working well including the EWQL Pianos which use MUCH more RAM and CPU.

    With the Art Vista, the samples play intermittenly, or not at all. I have tried the following:

    • gone through the manual many times,
    • tried every variation of settings I could think of, (sound card, latency, streaming, ASIO, Direct, MME, all available MIDI options, etc.)
    • uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times,
    • checked and installed the update,
    • tried Kontakt Player 2 and 4 as well as Kontakt full 3.5,
    • tried standalone and plugin (Sonar 8PE),
    • used multiple keyboards as well as recorded MIDI,
    • recorded MIDI and set all notes at max velocity and volume
    • played on one computer as well as across the network (MoL),
    • tried the many settings options for the instrument itself
    • installed the samples on a separated drive as well as on the same (system) drive as the program
    No matter what I do, the behavior is the same - some samples play, some don't, some play intermittently. I have no idea what to try next and see no contact info for support or anything else on the Art Vista website.

    I would very much appreciate any suggestions of any kind. I am very frustrated and deeply disappointed. Thank You.

    3 VisionDAW PCs:
    2 are XP Pro - 4GB RAM, 3GB switch enabled, Pentium 3.2 GHz
    1 is XP Pro 64 Optimized for Kontakt, 8GB Ram, Intel Core 2 Duo

    Be Well,


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    Re: Art Vista VGP2 Trouble

    Just an update:

    I emailed Hans and he replied promptly even though he is on vacation in Sweden. I had tried the program in K2 player as well as K3 and K4. He says it works well in all of them.

    After several emails we discovered that many of the samples simply are not loading. Looking at the mapping editor you can see a large number of gaps where there should be samples. Since this is happening on every computer I own, the suspect is the disc itself. He has said he will send a new one. Hope it works out.

    If anyone has other suggestions as to why this problem loading the samples could be occuring please let me know. AFAIK, this has not occurred any other time on any of my computers. Thanks again.

    Be Well,


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    Re: Art Vista VGP2 Trouble

    Hi All,

    Just an update to let you know the problems are resolved. Contacted Hans and he was very helpful. They sent a new disc which arrived promptly. After a couple of tries, got everything istalled properly. The sound is great. I'm looking forward to working with it.
    Be Well,


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    Thanks for sharing this update and i want this update for many time and now i got it and i hope it will work good.

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