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Topic: GigaStudio160 Upgrade: Disgusting package

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    GigaStudio160 Upgrade: Disgusting package

    I received my GigaStudio upgrade today, and I thought it was the most disgusting upgrade package I have ever received from any company is the last eight years.

    There is NO MANUAL -- not even a .PDF format copy of one. Only a stupid Help file straight out of the Stone Ages that takes hundreds of sheets of paper to print out, tons of ink and several days of work.

    Furthermore, HERE THIS SBLIVE OWNERS: There is NO SoundFont conversion utility in the package!!!!! That was one of two major features that I based my decision on when I bought the damn thing.

    I am extremely disgusted with this whole thing.

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    Re: GigaStudio160 Upgrade: Disgusting package

    Addendum to the above complaints:

    When NemeSys sent me the NFX4 plug-in as an attachment to my registration code, Win98 refused to open the file, saying <quote> This is not a valid Win32 file<unquote>.

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    Re: GigaStudio160 Upgrade: Disgusting package

    Correction to above:

    I finally found what I believe is a SoundFont conversion feature in the Instrument Editor, but there is no documentation whatsoever for it even in the Stone Age help files.

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    Re: GigaStudio160 Upgrade: Disgusting package


    A couple of things you might want to do to make your experience a little better.

    1. relax.
    2. Look on the CD-ROM there is a electronic copy of the \'Getting Started ...\' manual.
    3. To convert a sound font file, you simply open the file with the editor - no more. You can then save it out as a .gig file, download it, edit it until you are blue in the face.
    4. It sound like your mail tool may have mangled the NFX4.exe attachment. Please give our tech support line a call and let see if we can get you the free plugin another way.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: GigaStudio160 Upgrade: Disgusting package

    If you can get your effects working, a lot of us SBlive users would like your opinion on the NFX4 effects v.s. live effects (especially live verb, which I think is compatative with the very best out there).

    Good luck!!

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