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Topic: 16 bit vrs 24 bit?

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    Cool 16 bit vrs 24 bit?

    I am interested in those who tried the 16 bit and 24 bit and would like to know if you heard any difference. I know 24 bit has more headroom, but not sure if the extra samples are really noticed.

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    Re: 16 bit vrs 24 bit?

    Most likely you won't be able to hear a difference. The samples are normalized, which increases the bit depth resolution of those '16 bit' samples beyond simply 16 bits. In recording there's a huge reason to record 24 bit, which is how the piano was recorded, and even for listening to playback of music at 20 or 24 bits there's a subtle audible difference from 16 bits. But regular music can't be normalized anywhere near as much as samples, so cds and high def playback formats just don't get nearly as much 'bit boost' from normalization as samples do. Hence normalized 16 bit samples almost always have better than (16 bit) cd quality. Nevertheless, when you need to know you are getting the best resolution from samples, you still need 24 bit format. It's just the difference isn't as much as you might expect.

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