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Topic: Glory and Honor (Trumpet ensemble demo)

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    Glory and Honor (Trumpet ensemble demo)

    This is a demo dedicated to "trumpet ensemble" from the VSL downloads.

    I crossed a few boundaries in this one, stylistically speaking, just for fun.

    Glory and Honor

    (The trumpets are purposely more upfront than normally to not miss them)

    Comments are appreciated!


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    Sorry .. I've tried really hard but can't find anything that I can suggest might be improved!

    Most trumpets players I've known are more upfront than normal, so the balance is fits in well there ... it seems well balanced to me given it is a trumpet feature.

    The different sections/styles work well to show a range of trumpet playing styles.

    Love the background horn and trombone features.

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    Re: Glory and Honor (Trumpet ensemble demo)

    Thanks Peter!

    But just for the record I'm doing a new demo that will feature better this lib. Not very happy this.

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