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Topic: Virtual guitar software

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    Talking Virtual guitar software

    Hi all.

    For those of you who use this kind of software I have a question: Which is better (more realistic) or more complete (instruments and articulations)?

    1. Real Guitar 2

    2. vir2's Acoustic Legends HD

    3. Strum Electric

    4. Any other not to exceed $250

    I am interested for it to include non strictly guitars such as good quality mandolins, ukuleles and banjos. Yeah, I know, all of these are included in TTS-1, but there are no articulations. Yeah, again, you can modify attack but then you also get tone color modified and artefacts. By the way, at least in Sonar 8.5.3, TTS-1 still is at v1.00, anno domini 2004! Won't the folks at Cakewalk think it's time for an upgrade, for ex. output for every channel and, if not articulations, at least widen the range of attack while still keeping the presence of plucking without introducing artefacts?


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    Re: Virtual guitar software

    I can't offer you any comparisons, as I have only ever used one of those you listed. But the RealGuitar kicks out some nice sounds, whether strumming or picking. I, for one, am satisfied with it.

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    Re: Virtual guitar software

    I don't think any of the guitar sample sets out there for the price point you are looking at cover all articulations. At least not well. So, the key is to match what you need with what libs offer.

    Given you are looking for a mandolin, ukulele and a banjo I would take a good look at the Lyrical Distortion libs. They have great guitars at a very good price point and they cover all three previously mentioned instruments very well.

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    Re: Virtual guitar software

    Quote Originally Posted by LFO View Post
    ... look at the Lyrical Distortion ...have great guitars at a very good price point and they cover all three previously mentioned instruments very well.


    Wow! Great prices there and you can get em in an SFz version! So can these be loaded into ARIA? I am guessing yes.
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    Re: Virtual guitar software

    Quote Originally Posted by reberclark View Post
    Wow! Great prices there and you can get em in an SFz version! So can these be loaded into ARIA? I am guessing yes.
    No, these won't work with Aria. Here's the fine print from the Lyrical Distortion site:

    "...For Native Instruments Kontakt 2.2 Sampler or higher.
    NOTE: This product does NOT include, nor is it compatible with the Kontakt Player software.
    It has been reported that it will work in the Kontakt 4 Player in Kontakt 4 Demo Mode for 15 minutes.
    However, we do NOT support the Kontakt 4 Player, only the full Kontakt sampler.
    This product features scripting functions, featured only in Kontakt at this time.
    Therefore is not compatible with any other platform.
    For this reason, converting is not recommend (and since we don't operate every platform out there) is not supported..."

    EDIT: AH - I see, some are available in SFZ format - I didn't look long enough earlier. Guess you got that right, Chip!


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    Re: Virtual guitar software

    I have all the Real* products (Guitar, Strat, Les Paul). They are really outstanding products.


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    Re: Virtual guitar software

    Thank you all!

    Here's what I am doing. The ensemble is all strings, bowed, plucked and strummed and some percussion. It's a ballad, latin style. I am using TTS-1's ukuleles in stead of mandolines. All of the plucked instruments in TTS-1 tend to introduce artifacts in the Eb6-Bb6 register. The ukulele can produce the best sound for my purpose when heavily treaked via TTS's effects and CCs. TTS-1 would be one of the more versatile instruments for my purpose, if it weren't for the artifacts I mentioned above (harsh and fuzzy sound). If the sound were as good as the registers below and above the one mentioned, it'd be just what the doctor ordered.

    Those of you who mentioned some packages, such as the Reals, do they have ukuleles, mandolins and possibly lutes? I know, Lyrical Distortions has them but I haven't seen any lutes (absolutely not a deal breaker).

    Kevin, if possible, can you elaborate a bit about Lyrical Distortions? The past 2 days I spent time with SFZ+ and tweaking some sound fonts, which I downloaded from all kinds of free sf sites. SFZ+ has quite a few effects, but some of them just didn't want to work very well for me. But that is not an issue, since effects can be plugged in externally to it.

    However, the main issue here is good sound, uniform throughout the whole range of the instrument. This is why I think I'll finally end up getting one of the moderately priced packages available around $250. I am not looking for all of the possible articulations, since I won't have the time to apply them all anyway, just the more important ones. The rest is just tweaking AHDSR and CCs.

    Thanks again for the input. S.

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