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Topic: Refurbished Dell w/ i7 chip

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    Refurbished Dell w/ i7 chip

    Last year I was up against the wall w/ 4 Gbs Ram so I started looking for a new machine. Many here asked me to tell them how well it worked back then so here is an update.

    I couldn't afford a custom built computer and for what I wanted I couldn't even afford a new one so I went to the Dell site and bought a refurbished Inspiron.


    2.66 i7 chip
    12 Gbs Ram
    7200 rpm 750 Gb hard drive
    2 DVD drives (1 writable)

    The machine has no PCI slots but has 4 PCIe slots available.

    I picked it up for about $1100 and have been unbelievably happy with it.

    I bought a M-Audio Fast Track pro separately to use as a sound card and another internal 7200 RPM hard drive to hold libraries on.

    To give you an idea of what I can do with this machine, her is a typical set-up of synths I use in Sonar

    Each Kontakt 4 has 16 instruments loaded and each Play instance has between 1 and 16 instruments. Omnisphere uses 2-6 instruments per instance and Battery has 24 percussion instruments loaded. Kontakt 4 uses instruments from VSL, GPO, Native instruments and Evolve. FM8, Massive and Absynth are synths with patches altered by me. Play is the engine for EastWest and I use EWQLSO. RA, SD2, Ministry of Rock and Symphonic Choirs from them.

    Almost all of the instruments use Lexicon reverb add to its Audio track and many other plug-ins are used as well including Channel Tools, Z3ta, EQ, along with some limit4ers and compression tools.

    So you can see that this machine does a ton of work without having to pay $5000.

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: Refurbished Dell w/ i7 chip

    The prices are high at your side of the pond. I had mine custom made for only about € 1200,-.

    Antec Lifestyle Sonata III casing with 500W power
    Asus P6T SE Mobo
    Intel Core i7 920 / 2.66 Ghz 4.8GT/sec, 8Mb cache, S1366 Box (Hyperthreading)
    Kingston valueram DDR3 12 Gb
    2 WD Caviar 500 Gb SATA II, 32Mb
    2 Samsung SHS233 SATA DVD R/W
    Asus EAH4350 1Gb Silent/D1/1GD2
    Windows 7 prof

    Total price: €1.249,-

    extra: 3 iOmega 500 Gb USB HD's, each €79.

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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