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Topic: Release new vocal library: "Tigris & Euphrates" - voices of the Ottoman Empire

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    Release new vocal library: "Tigris & Euphrates" - voices of the Ottoman Empire

    We're proud to announce:

    Sonokinetic’s very unique and one of a kind, richly sampled Middle Eastern vocal library. It captures both the mysterious beauty from the female voice and the impressive magic of the Mesopotamian male voice. Whether you need to create an authentic Middle Eastern composition, or just add some spice and originality to any production, Tigris & Euphrates provides the necessary elements to set your music apart. These intriguing melodies and phrase improvisations will give you a broad range of diversity in your composition.
    We’ve gone all the way and recorded all Middle Eastern melodic styles. It is available in all western contemporary harmonies. These melodic phrases, words , melody lines and many of vocal and Middle Estern sfx can easily be triggered and comes with a dedicated scripted interferface for Konakt 4.1.

    Content summary:
    -Core samples: 2 Voices; 1 male , 1 female. Ottoman empire / Mesopotamian styled chanting, singing, whispering, talking; phrases and elements

    -16 instruments , 4 Multi instruments for Kontakt 4.1. with up to 5 tab screens -
    Main View, Convolution, Envelope, Scale Indicator and a credits tab:
    Convolution reverb applied to all patches. 3 rooms available
    Envelope Editor: Attack, decay, sustain and release knobs
    Scale indicator: key zone linked. Generic harmony view with tone distances

    -2750+ samples. (3,59GB sample content)

    -7 recorded vocal styles. The most commonly used melodic styles:
    Hicaz, Huseyni, Kurdili Hicazkar, Nihavent, Rast, Saba and Segah. These are applied to songs and chants.

    for a full spec and a ton of demos: http://www.sonokinetic.net/products/...and-euphrates/

    We wish you the best inspiration and creativity
    But enough talking, let the music speak



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    Re: Release new vocal library: "Tigris & Euphrates" - voices of the Ottoman Empire

    Nice and interesting product!

    Could you specify if you can modulate the phrases (change the melody) and if the phrases are tempo synced?

    If the phrases are tempo synced, can you post a demonstration how well they "time stretch"?

    The voices are a bit covered in the demo, so I can't decide about the "style" and sound quality of the recording, even if the performance sounds really nice. Could you post some of the phrases almost dry?

    Thank you and good luck,


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