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Topic: Roland V-Piano in a jazz setting

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    Roland V-Piano in a jazz setting

    My good friend Scott Tibbs played the V-Piano on one of my compositions.
    Incredible player, incredible sound!

    Bass is Trilians Acoustic
    Drums are EZdrummer
    the rest is Omnisphere


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    Re: Roland V-Piano in a jazz setting

    I like this little and piano,and drum sounds are nice. tells even ezdrummer (we dont always need pricey products for drums) have nice drum sounds.

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    Re: Roland V-Piano in a jazz setting

    Thanks- i am a big supporter of EZdrummer.
    Its literally easy to use yet it sounds terrific and is also superflexible when it comes to customizing the beats.
    I just hope they will release additional beat collections played by guys like David Haynes.
    I already used all of the ones that came with the Jazz expansion!

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